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Our staff is trained to provide the best professional care in a comfortable, caring environment. We are here to server you every step of the way.

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Our services range from implant dentures to immediate dentures to equilibrated dentures. We also can help you with relines, exams, and denture repairs.

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Hinton Denture Clinic is always looking to craft more smiles. Whether you need immediate denture, or any other service, call today to see how we can help you.

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Hinton Denture Clinic in house lab

Welcome to Our Denture Clinic

When you come to our denturist for dental services/appliances, everything is kept and fabricated in our on-site/in-house lab (with the exception of metal frame works for partials). Impression, duplication, custom made trays, and each and every individualized tooth is arranged for your handcrafted, customized smile. Each setup or arrangement of teeth is done by the denturist that treats you.

All cases are then processed in our on-site/in-house lab, to completion.

Relines and repairs and additions are also done on-site to ensure precise/quality controlled work. This results in a quick return, so clients do not have to go without a smile for days.

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